Finding a Job in the Building Industry

If you are a builder, the chances are you do not have a permanent contract with your current employer. Even if you do have a full contract you know that, in the current climate, the security of your job is not as good as it once was. Therefore, as well as being good at your job you need to be adept at finding employment.

Finding Work the Old Way

Most built environment jobs last for less than a year. As a result, most builders find themselves looking for work at least once year. In the past, you would have had to rely largely on word of mouth to find work. People who were on a site would frequently recommend a friend. This still happens, but less than it did, so you really cannot rely on finding your next job in this way.

Even visiting building sites and asking to see the site manager is more difficult than it once was. Health and safety and security means walking onto a site and finding the manager is usually not possible. If you get through security, you are likely to find that the site manager is very busy and does not respond positively to people who turn up out of the blue looking for work. Jobs are still advertised in newspapers and the trade press, but this is not as common as it once was.

The Modern Way to Find Built Environment Jobs

Nowadays, the majority of construction jobs are advertised online, which means that is where you need to focus your job search. Fortunately, doing so is not difficult, because searching the web does not require strong computer skills.

The best places to look are the websites of recruitment agencies. There are plenty of general job sites, but it is best to go to those sites that specialise in construction work. The majority of firms advertise positions on these job or recruitment agency sites. This means that you will often find a better choice of positions on these sites than in other places, and their search facilities make it easier to find jobs for which you are qualified.

If you are looking for built environment jobs, has a comprehensive website. They have thousands of construction jobs listed and refresh their jobs database several times an hour.