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How Does Order Fulfilment Work?

It may seem daunting to hand over a whole section of the running of your company to an outside body. However, with order fulfilment, this is exactly what you are doing. So how does it work and what are the real benefits over doing these tasks yourself?

Fulfilment houses will have a huge amount of space and very expensive, dedicate hardware and software to very effectively deal with the order and shipping process. In turn, they deal with every part of the process from the original processing of the order right through to the delivery of the product. Whether bulk items or individual orders, the process works much the same and by having a huge amount of space and many resources to deal with orders, every single order can be completed far faster and in a far more focussed and professional way.

Stock control is also likely to be easier. With advanced software, fulfilment houses are able to ensure that stock can be checked very quickly at any time to ensure that companies can always be certain that they are going to be able to meet demand and meet expectations.

How it works will be down to each individual company, but ultimately it will be a case of storing all relevant goods, receiving the order, processing it, sorting all relevant paperwork and then dispatching the goods in a timely manner. On top of this, they can deal with stock control effectively and ensure customer expectations are met.

So what are the benefits in real terms? Well, ultimately, it can reduce overheads, speed up processes and very simply increase productivity. Not only can even the largest of businesses be based from a very small office without a warehouse, but the expensive security and software that order fulfilment companies have will simply make sure that every step is more accurate and more focussed, whilst ensuring you do not have to train new staff, or indeed pay costly holiday wages, and always only ever use the resources and space that you need.

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