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Market effectively through to point of purchase

The battle for shopper’s hearts and minds is intensifying. In any store there are hundreds if not thousands of brands all vying for the attention of people doing their weekly shop. Communication with the consumer starts with advertising through various media channels, but this could all come to nothing if those messages fail to follow through into the shop and all the way to the point of purchase.

People increasingly make buying decisions on the move. They don’t have preconceived ideas when they enter the shop. Various factors and promotions will influence them. Better retail design can be used to a brand’s advantage. Companies investing more in this more shopper centric way to market to customers are already reaping the rewards. The financial implications are huge. Better in store marketing could be the most effective investment any company makes this year.

It takes real skill and expertise to get this aspect of marketing right. Trade marketing is a well established discipline, but shopper marketing is newer and still evolving. Influence at the point of purchase isn’t easy to achieve, so the best route for most suppliers is to enlist the services of a specialist third party agency.

Retail design experts can bring their expertise to bear and help brands to better influence customer decisions in store. With better layout, display, signs, packing and promotion the effects can be dramatic. The store itself is increasingly the most important place to market to customers. Traditional media are fragmenting and shoppers do their utmost to screen messages out. This form of promotion is now more important than ever before.

Green Room Retail can help their partners do a better job of influencing customers at this stage of their shopper journey. Their understand retail inside out and just how key presentation and display can be.

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