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Gatwick Valet Parking

The vast majority of passengers travelling out of Gatwick still arrive in their cars. There are a variety of parking options available at the Airport. Gatwick valet parking is growing in popularity at this particular Airport. Valet parking is another word for meet and greet parking. However, at Gatwick this service is slightly different from at other airports.

Why Gatwick Valet Parking Is Different at Gatwick

At virtually any other UK Airport by using valet parking or meet and greet parking you are committing yourself to having somebody else drive your car. In most cases, your car will be driven at least a mile if not more, by a complete stranger. Many people do not feel comfortable with this so do not book meet and greet parking.

However, at Gatwick this need not be an issue. The reason for this is that two of the long-term car parks at Gatwick are located at the Airport itself. As a result, the chauffeur that picks up your car does not need to drive it very far at all and all of the driving takes place in the enclosed environment of the Airport site. For many people this gets past their fear of having somebody else drive their vehicle.

This specialist parking service is available for both the north and south terminals. However, the meet point for each one is different. If you do decide to use this service, you need to take careful note of where you need to meet the chauffeur. In addition, to ensure that everything goes smoothly you must arrive at the Airport and the designated and agreed time.

Finding the Best Gatwick Valet Parking Deal

If you want to you can visit the websites of each individual car park. However, by far the most efficient way to find Gatwick parking is to use one of the specialist Airport parking comparison websites. On these sites, all you have to do is key in your travel dates to be presented with a list of car Parks with availability as well as details of how much they will charge you.

If you are looking for Gatwick valetparking visit the Gatwick Parking Discounts website to find the best deals.