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Hospitality Recruitment

Hospitality recruitment can be challenging. Anyone who works in the industry will tell you that demand fluctuates wildly. You do not really know from one month to the next how many staff you need. Sure, you know, or at least hope, that during Christmas and the New Year you will be busy. However, what you cannot tell, for sure, is how many people will hire you to cater for their party or how many work or family groups will book your restaurant.

The same is true of other sectors of the hospitality industry. Hotels know they will be busier during school holidays and the summer, but how busy is not clear until the actual time.

Years ago, people booked parties, big events and holidays in advance. These days, people are far more impulsive and tend to leave things like parties and holidays to the last minute. Therefore, for the hospitality industry getting staffing levels right has become a big challenge.

Getting Help with Hospitality Recruitment

Fortunately, in some ways hospitality recruitment has become easier. You can now get quite a bit of help with the recruitment process if you involve specialist recruitment agencies.

Most now have an online presence and any job you post will be available for everyone on the web to see. Given that, nowadays, most people search for work on the internet being able to quickly, cheaply and easily post your job on the web is important. This is especially that case when you want those staff to start work as soon as possible or in a week or two.

However, that does not mean you should sign up with the first job agency you come across.

Getting Hospitality Recruitment Right

You need to look for an agency that genuinely specialises in hospitality recruitment. You can post jobs on general job sites, but do not be surprised when your job is buried amongst the thousands of other jobs on there. If you use a specialist agency, you know that every potential candidate that sees your posting wants to work in your industry. In most cases, they will already have done so, meaning that they will be experienced people who can hit the ground running.


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