Reclaim Mis Sold PPI with the Help of Canary Claims

In the past decademany people who have taken out loans and credit cards have wrongly been sold PPI, which in many cases, they were not even aware of. Those people are now able to claim their money back and many could be owed thousands of pounds. Canary Claims say that they can help their customers recoup the cost of mis sold PPI in a few simple steps.

In order to claim back mis sold PPI, you need to fill in forms and produce documentation. This can be time consuming and confusing to do yourself but Canary Claims can do all the hard stuff for you and all you need to do is fill in their simple web form or give them a call to discuss your claim.

Canary Claims operate on a no win, no fee basis, so there is nothing to lose in contacting them to fight your claim on your behalf. If they are successful, which they claim to be on most occasions, they will deduct a flat fee of 20% plus 4% vat, making them an affordable option for anyone who needs help with their PPI claim.

Making a claim through Canary Claims appears to be very simple. Firstly, you will need to request a claim application, sign it and send it back to the company with any relevant documentation pertaining to your PPI claim. If you do not have these, the company will seek copies on your behalf.

Once you have signed over your claim to them, that’s your part done and they will do the rest. Canary Claims say that a typical claim will take 2-3 months to be processed and, if you are successful, you can expect to receive the cost of your mis sold PPI payments plus an additional 8%.


If you think you may have been wrongly mis sold PPI in the past 10 years, Canary Claims may be able to help you claim back thousands.