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Personalised Lanyards

Security badges are used by various different businesses and organisations to help improve their security. Employees, guests, and anybody else visiting the company can be required to carry and display a security badge but this raises the potential problem that they will have to keep fishing their card out of the pocket. In a lot of cases, employees may leave their card on their desk or in their jacket pocket and then need letting back into the office manually anyway.


Personalised lanyards provide a convenient way to avoid the loss, breakage, or leaving behind of a security badge. They may hang around the neck, attach to pockets, or be secured to the person in a variety of other ways. They may also be used to simply hang the security badge or, with a retracting string, they can provide a convenient means of being able to easily access chip readers or card readers.


If your company employs dozens or even hundreds of people then you will have a huge need for good quality lanyards. Fortunately, you can buy them in bulk and whether you choose to have a single, solid colour, or you want some form of design printing on the lanyards you can buy them in bulk to save money and to ensure that you have enough to distribute and redistribute as required.


Customising lanyards is a positive form of branding. You can have your company logo or business name, or any other design printed on the lanyard itself which will make it easily distinguishable from any other lanyards. Guests, visitors, and those that see others wearing them will also be reminded of your company name and logo. You could create brand ambassadors from employees while helping your customers to identify those that work for your organisation or within a particular team.


Personalised lanyards are a good looking and convenient addition if your business relies on the use of access cards or identification badges. There is a great range of choice available, too, making sure that whatever your requirements and however you intend your security badges to be used, your demands will be met even when you buy in bulk to save money.


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