Online cake ordering has made the gifting process much easier. You can now gift a variety of cakes customised to your satisfaction. But what kind of cake should you order? Here are a few types of cakes you can consider.


  1. Angel cakes – Popular in many parts of the world and known by different names, this cake in its basic format only contains sponge cake and cream while some also include egg whites and vanilla essence to add more flavour to it.
  2. Apple cakes – Baked differently in different parts of the world, these cakes mainly contain cooked apples or apple sauce with flour, sugar and caramel icing used to complete the cake.
  3. Babka – A popular cake baked during Easter, this cake is native to Poland and features dripping chocolate icing.
  4. Banana cakes – These nutritious and delicious cakes contain bananas, of course and have a chunky feel to them because of the added nuts and chocolates.
  5. Black Forest – This cake is the staple of cakes in all bakeries, cafes and patisseries including desserts in their menu. The cake is mainly made up of chocolate and is made even more delicious with cherries, kirsch and abundant use of soft cream on it.
  6. Brownie – One of the most common types of cakes, you can gift this variety to those people who don’t like fussy, creamy and oozing cakes because this resembles a bar of chocolate in appearance, with no fillings. Brownies are mainly made up of flour, sugar, chocolate essence and nuts with no added cream, etc. on it.
  7. Carrot cakes – Another one for the health buffs, this is an utterly sweet and flavoursome cake that is made up of grated carrots, sugar syrup and cream. This cake is known to be very moist, sweet and thick so is an ideal choice for short delivery gifts.
  8. Coffee cakes – Enjoy your cup of coffee with another simple variety of cake, similar to brownies but with one main added ingredient – cinnamon. Unlike a brownie, which appears dark brown in colour, a cinnamon or coffee cake has a burnt golden hue.
  9. Cupcakes – These cakes derive their name from the way they are presented rather than for the ingredients used. The common varieties of sponge cake include those made out of sponge and they can be made more interesting with choice of toppings and icings. They are baked with a kind of baking paper that is in the shape of a cup with ridges in it.
  10. Fruitcake – As the name suggests, this cake has abundance of fruits, but not in their original forms. Various fruits are converted into candies, resembling jellies but more solid and are mixed with dry fruits, glace cherries and currants while making this cake.

Eating is a favourite activity for many people. They believe in the saying we live to eat and don’t eat to live. They don’t mind trying their hand at preparing a new delicacy of tasting new ones. For such people, choosing a gift is not a big problem. You just need to figure out what kind of food do they prefer and how best to get it delivered!