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BeerBat – replace those old beer trays!

Ales have seen an increase in popularity in recent years, with many young people now setting aside their stale and dull lagers in favour of a more flavoursome ale, appreciating the wide variety that are out there.

From rich chocolate ales to the lighter pale ales, beer drinkers of all ages are ordering smaller amounts and treating each get together in the pub as a miniature tasting session. The BeerBat is a great way of providing those eager to sample a selection of drinks in a novel and interesting way.

The BeerBat blows previous beer trays out of the water with its unique design. Whereas older more traditional designs of beer trays always required a steely nerve, navigating the crowds at the bar carefully, trying hard not to spill, beer trays colliding in mid air, held high above the heads of the throngs. The BeerBats are beer trays designed with a unique paddle shape which means there’s less change of you spilling those beers.

Manufactured from the finest bamboo, and from sustainable sources, BeerBat’s are the lightweight and environmentally friendly beer trays of the future.

If you’re planning a beer festival (and there are more than ever these days!) you’re not doubt in a conundrum about your beer trays. Looking to put a twist on a classic? BeerBat beer trays are a perfect way to help you stand out from the crowd.

Ideal for brewies and real ale pubs, BeerBats are the latest generation in beer trays designed to hold three third of a pint glasses . The beer trays dimensions are 100mm wide x 8mm thick and the beer trays weigh 200g each.

For more information on their range of beer trays, including the BeerBat and DrinksPaddle, visit BeetBat online and put a modern twist on an old classic.


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