Enjoy the Flexibility of Walking holidays from Mickledore

Walking holidays offer walkers a healthy way to experience the sights and sounds of an area. In the UK, we are lucky to be surrounded by beautiful, sprawling landscapes of mountains, lakes, fields and valleys. We also have some of the most beautiful wildlife living alongside of us, but so few of us take time out to explore the wonders on our own doorstep, opting instead for exotic holidays. This is such a shame when walking holidays from Mickledore are an affordable, invigorating and illuminating way to spend a vacation.


Walking holidays from Mickledore encompass many of the UK’s top beauty spots. From the rustic beauty of the Lake District to the harsh landscapes of Scotland customers can choose from some of world famous walks, including Wainwright’s Coast to Coast, which takes in no less than 3 National Parks, to the West Highland Way which provides the perfect means to view the Scottish highlands. Whatever your interests and abilities may be, it is not difficult to find a walking holiday which will suit your needs perfectly.

Spirit of Independence

The great thing about walking holidays is that they are not just a holiday, but an adventure. When holidaying abroad, it is all too easy to stay in the confines of your hotel and the immediate area, but when you book walking holidays, you are forcing yourself to act, to explore, and to move. This means that not only are you continuously active, but you are always making new discoveries and pushing yourself further.

Mickledore walking holidays are self-guided which means that you are free to explore the area surrounding your walking route as you see fit. If you notice something of interest, you are free to pursue it further at your leisure, safe in the knowledge your accommodation will be ready and waiting for you and this gives you immense freedom to explore the landscapes of the UK with flexibility, whereas, if you were taking a guided walking tour, your scope would remain within the confines of the group and the sights and attractions that the guide thought important.

Mickledore Travel is a Lake District based provider of self-guided walking and cycling holidays. From the Coast to Coast Walk to the Great Glen Way, they have a walking tour to suit any explorer. To find out more about walking holidays from Mickledore, visit their website today.