Discover Used Cars Inverness

Looking for used cars Inverness? Each year, second hand cars outsell their brand new counterparts by three-to-one. Waiting a year or so after a car first hits the market can be a very wise move to make, and you are likely to find yourself saving around at least 30% on most cars by biding your time. Cars do in fact start to lose their value from the very moment that they are first driven off the forecourt so if buying a brand new car simply isn’t an option, it can certainly pay to head down the second-hand route.

Private Sellers v Dealerships

However, as with all purchases of this nature, it’s always wise to take certain steps to prevent your fingers being burned. Once you’ve decided to buy used cars Inverness, you’ll need to decide whether you’re going to be buying from a private seller or a dealer. Many drivers have completed deals that they haven’t come to regret after buying from a private seller, but it is worth remembering that you may have no comeback at all if something goes wrong with the car later. In fact, a private seller isn’t even obliged to sell you a roadworthy car as long as they point out any faults to you before you hand your cash over – and if they don’t acknowledge these faults, it can be difficult or impossible to prove that you were misled.

What If I’m Not Satisfied?

Buy from a dealer however, and you’ll find that they have a lot more to lose when it comes to selling cars. Not only do they have to sell you a car that is at least worthy of being driven on the road, you’re perfectly entitled to return it to them if, within a few weeks or so, you find that you’re not happy for it – as long as you have a good enough reason to return it, such as it not being fit for purpose or not in the condition you would expect of a car of its vintage. You will also need to check the details on the logbook before you hand over your cash, take it for a test drive and remember to view it in dry, light conditions.

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