If you have several properties to sell, you will already understand the value of setting up a show home. It is the best way to show clients what your homes will look like when they are finished. With the right furniture and accessories, you can create a desire to live in one of your properties in the mind of potential buyers. If they go into your show home and think immediately, ‘I like this’, they have taken the first step to buying your property. If on the other hand they walk into an environment they find gaudy, tacky or too ostentatious they are not going to want to live in one of your properties.

It is Worth Investing in Your Show Home

The way a show home looks has a big impact on how much someone is prepared to pay for a property. If a show home is decorated and furnished to a high standard, it sends the message to potential buyers that your properties are of a high quality too. If they get this impression, they are far more likely to want to buy the property. In addition, they are more likely to believe that the price you are asking is fair or represents value for money.

You also have to bear in mind that generally when someone is looking for a new home they are looking for somewhere better to live than their current home. They are moving up the housing ladder. The way you decorate a show home should reflect this aspiration. Using good quality, stylish furniture and accessories is the best way to do this.

Getting Help with the Design of Your Show Home

To get the balance right takes time and experience. If you are a large construction firm, you may wish to employ a permanent interior designer. However, this is a very expensive option and you would need them to design a lot of show homes each year before you got value for money from employing them. For this reason, increasingly firms are using outside contractors to design their show homes and provide the furniture they need for those homes.

Emblem Furniture has been designing show homes in Surrey and other parts of the UK for several years. They offer a design and furniture hire service that provides value for money as well as beautiful show houses.