The Benefits of Used Cars Northumberland

Having a car is a necessity for many people in the UK today. Cars are vital to finding work, taking the kids to school, shopping, and many more everyday tasks which would be much more difficult without a vehicle. Unfortunately, cars are also very expensive, and with the economy in a slump, cars are becoming steadily more unaffordable for the average person. Luckily, it is possible to get a good deal on an affordable car if you choose to buy used cars; Northumberland is home to many fantastic used car dealerships where you can find quality cars at bargain prices.


As well as the lower price of used cars, Northumberland drivers can expect to see a range of benefits if they choose to buy quality used cars. Below are just a few of the many advantages of used cars:

Slower Depreciation

Anyone who has ever bought a brand new car, and then decided to sell it after a couple of years will know just how quickly new cars depreciate in value. They can be worth as much as 40-50% less after one year which means that they really are no great value for money. Used cars, on the other hand, tend to depreciate at a much slower rate which means drivers can get a better return on their money when they come to sell.


When buying used cars, drivers will have a much more extensive choice of the kind of vehicle they buy. This is because there are many more used cars around than new ones, so buyers can find something which is absolutely perfect for their needs.

Pay Less Insurance

Finally, buying a used car will probably result in lower insurance premiums. New cars have much more scope for expensive repairs than older cars, so most insurers will charge much less for a used car than the equivalent new vehicle. This is great news for people who are trying to save on the costs of running a car.

As you can see, used cars are a much better option for a variety of reasons and should not be dismissed out of hand.



Alex Scott Cars LTD is a family run used car dealership in the Northumberland area. Trading for more than 3 decades it is the only place to find used cars Northumberland.