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Dita Glasses

Dita glasses are beautiful designer glasses. They are still relatively difficult to get hold of in the UK, but they are growing quickly in popularity despite only being available from limited outlets.

They are very much at the top end of the market because they are made from luxury materials and are handmade in Japan. 18ct gold, titanium, zly acetate and white gold are the main materials used. Many celebrities wear them, including Usher Kim Kardashian, 50 Cent, Paris Hilton, Victoria Beckham, Brad Pitt and Kate Hudson.

Why Dita Glasses are so Popular

The designers at Dita begin the design process from a slightly different point than the majority of designers. They design primarily to the shape of the face. That is their starting point. Rather than checking the finished design to see how it fits in with basic face shapes after the design has been drawn up as most designers do Dita start with the face. They feed in their knowledge of consumer taste and up and coming fashion trends, but for them it is all about glasses complementing the face.

The frames have a communality that makes the frames the firm’s signature rather than their logo. Once you have seen a few pairs of Dita glasses you can pretty much pick them out from the rest. However, that does not mean that they are boring or all look the same, far from it. Over the years, they have come up with some of the most innovative and unique frame shapes.

The Beginnings of Dita Glasses

Dita is a relatively new eyewear firm. The firm was started in 1996 by Jeff Solorio and John Juniper. Both had a love of design and photography. This combination gave them a unique take on things and made sure that they look of the glasses was right every time. They knew what their target market was looking for and produced it.

The design of most Dita glasses is based on the glasses from the 50s and 80s, so they have an instantly recognisable look. However, they cannot really be described as retro there is very much a fusion between modern and classic design elements.

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