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Buying Used Cars Hinckley

Whether you require a family car to ferry the kids to school and take you to work, or a luxury prestige car for extensive motorway journeys there are certain benefits to buying second hand vehicles. You won’t have to pay the same high prices you would if you were to buy a brand new car and you will also benefit financially from lower depreciation rates. There is still a great range of choices available to you ensuring that you are able to choose the best car for your needs.


According to figures from the AA, the typical new car loses approximately 40% of its value within the first year. This means that your £20,000 will only be worth £12,00 after a year and you will have lost £8,000 simply from depreciation. However, if you used cars Hinckley you can benefit from this dip in price by buying a car that is virtually brand new. You will enjoy heavily reduced prices when compared to buying the same car new.


Before you start shopping around you should set your budget. Try to find out what your current car is worth because you should be able to part exchange this in order to help you gain more spending power. You can sell your car privately if you wish but part exchanging will typically be a lot less hassle and could give you the leverage you require when looking for your next vehicle.


Consider what the car will be used for. If you need to ferry the kids to school, yourself to work, and bag upon bag of shopping back from the supermarket on a regular basis then a compact car isn’t likely to be your best bet. Not only will choosing the right type of car prove more beneficial for you but it will usually also mean finding a car that is designed for the type of journeys you intend to complete.


There are many factors to consider when buying used cars Hinckley. Do think about your next purchase before you make it because this will give you time to prepare and to ensure that you get just the right car for your needs. has a large stock of quality used cars Hinckley buyers can choose from. Part exchange your old vehicle or apply for finance to help enjoy even greater choice.