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Deciding on Deepflow guttering

Deepflow guttering isn’t something that is commonly used on small residential houses, but if you have a larger home or own a business or office rather than rent one, you’ll probably want to explore the benefits of having this kind of guttering system on your roof. Many guttering stockists have it, but very few spell out and weigh the benefits of using it, depending on your roofing needs.

Deepflow guttering has two main advantages – it can be connected over a large roof, so if you’re a business or home who shares the guttering with other properties, you could come to an agreement that you want to install deepflow guttering this time around, saving money and hassle down the line. Very often, deepflow guttering only has one downpipe. The savings implications of this are immediate: less time installing a drainage system under the downpipe, but also less maintenance, less chance of a blockage, and more work being done by less guttering.

Another good reason why deepflow guttering is better for larger houses or a business is that it allows for more flow – if you’re a local business used to an uncharacteristic downpour, then deepflow can usually cope with it, to the extent that it can allow twice as much flow as normal round guttering. So, unless a tsunami is coming, then you can have the assurance that your roof and your guttering can cope with anything the weather throws at them.

If you decide not to go with deepflow, or if you live in a smaller property, remember that there are many other guttering options available to you that we specialise in. Whether it’s small sections of plastic guttering for a replacement or an entire overhaul of your roof drainage, talk to us, the experts – and we can save you time and money in the process.

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