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Women send bras to One Direction star

There has long been a tradition of women hurling their bras at pop stars. Often in concerts, these items of underwear end up strewn over the stage. It seems this tradition is still alive and well.

According to the father of One Direction star Niall Horan, fans of the young singer often send these items to the family home for him to sign.

Speaking to the Sun, proud dad Bobby Horan said: “I’ve taken bras to him that have come with letters asking for them to be autographed. He does it with a smile. It’s all harmless stuff and keeps people happy.”

Thankfully, it’s now easy for ladies, including fans of One Direction, to get their hands on gorgeous items of lingerie. Whether they are after Panache bras, Fantasie bras or any other type of product, they will not struggle. Of course, whether or not they try to get the products signed by celebrities is entirely up to them.

As well as sending items of underwear to Niall’s home, women also turn up at the abode, Bobby revealed.

He said: “A mother and daughter came from Canada. They wanted to see Niall’s room and where he lived. I was polite and let them take photos. Another girl turned up from the US. She’d been driven here by her dad. It’s mad but I’m always polite. They’re the ones backing my boy after all.”

According to the glowing father, his son’s life is going in “completely the opposite direction” of his own and he is enjoying watching it happen. Talking about the experiences Niall and his band mates have, he added: “I laughed when I opened [the Sun] the other day and saw him and the lads enjoying themselves on a yacht in Australia.”

One Direction signed to Simon Cowell’s record label Syco Records after being formed in the seventh series of The X Factor.

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