Commercial Office Operations Streamlined by Networking Technology, and Now Homes Too

Whether an office’s internal network is made up of two or two hundred workstations, users’ main concern is speed and ease of access to network files. Optimising performance across a network makes employees’ working days more efficient, keeping them content and improving overall business productivity. For office technicians, the technology to turn to is increasingly a NAS storage system, which is used specifically for the purpose of providing file-based storage services to other devices on the network.

The effectiveness of the technology can be measured by its increasing use in domestic settings. It allows for multiple different types of device to access the same bank of information. For the home user, this means that digital media that may have been downloaded on a workstation (such as a desktop or laptop), can be accessed on, say, a television, through files that remain simultaneously accessible to other remote devices. This is the obvious advantage of NAS storage over external hard drives and other storage devices. Additionally, it is easy for new devices to be added to the network, as long as they have the capacity to do so.

NAS technology gained popularity with office technicians when it was released because, though they often have the capacity to run hardware for other applications, the units are constructed solely for file storage and sharing purposes and are configured and controlled remotely over the network.

As computer-based entertainment and communication take the place of traditional terrestrial television and home telephones, this sophisticated level of networking capacity in the home makes sense for the more techno-savvy consumer. Of course, this is not the first technology to start in the commercial world and move in to the home, but it is a marker of how networking tools have evolved to suit the consumer electronics market.

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