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Creating a More Unified Look for Your Kitchen

When it comes to creating a unified look for your kitchen, it may well be worth looking one step further. More and more homes have an open plan feel and therefore, if you want a unified design for your kitchen, you may also need to extend it a little further to include utility rooms and dining rooms too.

This is actually easier than it may seem, and it is often all about the materials and colours that you choose. For example, with wooden floors now being a mainstay for front rooms, it makes sense to ensure that, even when wooden floors are missing from kitchen, you look to utilise wood as close to the floor as possible.

Using an oak plinth for cabinets instead of cheaper wood plinths can make a huge difference. By making sure that the bases of your kitchen units match those of your flooring and of your kitchen units themselves, you can instantly create far greater unity in your home. It is often the simple touches that will make the biggest difference when looking to unify your home, and rather than looking to utilise the exact same design features all around the home, simply utilising the right materials and colours could be all that it takes.

It is also important to remove the focus from appliances. Opting for neutral appliances will ensure that they sit effectively into your home design and do not stand out for all the wrong reasons.

Once you have the right wood plinths and the right appliances, it is worth considering how you decorate your kitchen too. Be careful not to have too much on show as it can easily start to feel cluttered and confused. As with an oak plinth, keeping it simply will make a big difference and therefore if you have utensils on show you are likely to benefit from having an oak knife block or storage unit to hold them in.

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