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Protect staff from the dangers of fire

Every building owner and employer needs to put the right safeguards in place to protect the workers inside from the dangers of fire. There are few workplace hazards that are more deadly. A fire can start in seconds and spread through an entire building in just a few minutes. The flames and smoke can prove deadly, so it’s vitally important to have early warning systems in place so people can evacuate safely.

For most people their only experience of the fire alarm is just a drill or a test. Hopefully for the vast majority of UK workers they will never be confronted by a real situation that could turn extremely nasty. It’s important to test that fire alarm regularly and to ensure staff know what to do in the event of an emergency. If they are well drilled and know what to do and where to go they should get out safely.

This should be the first priority, getting people out, rather than encouraging them to tackle the blaze. That’s best left to the professionals. However, by installing fire extinguishers building owners and managers can equip people to deal with a small incident, like a bin fire. Anything larger or more extensive and it’s time to forget about the fire extinguishers and get out of the building in an orderly fashion.

It’s important to partner with a supplier of quality alarm systems and extinguishers. This equipment could save lives and is required to be installed by law. And for good reason too.

The Safety Centre are experts in this field and stock a range of quality products and state of the art systems to help protect people from fire in the workplace. Any organisation or building owner looking to upgrade and protect their staff or building occupants should check out the alarms and extinguishers on sale.

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