Paper bags are typically in the shape of a box as the idea is that they can stand properly, as well as, can contain more goods. These bags are being used by people from all walks of life. Corporates, for instance, use printed bags for their branding, packaging of products, seminars, workshops, and other promotional activities,

Several paper bags can withhold more weight or pressure as compared to plastic bags. These bags also offer a lot of benefits as compared to plastic bags. There is less risk for kids or animals to get choked with paper bags. However, contrary to plastic bags, paper bags are not resistant to water.

Check out some of the top merits of using paper bags:
  • These bags are recyclable

Paper bags are not only recyclable; they are also 100 percent biodegradable. It is one of the major merits of using paper bags.

  • Less chance of suffocation

As mentioned earlier, there is less risk of pets and kids being suffocated when paper bags are used as compared to their plastic counterparts.

  • Several paper bags can bear more weight as compared to plastic bags.

Paper bags with designs or texts printed on them have become incredibly popular throughout the world.

Following are some of the best printed paper bag designs:-
  • Paper bags with branding logo on it

A great choice when you want to promote your brand in a trade fair, workshop, or conference. Such printed paper bags can leave a lasting impression and have an eye-catching and attractive look.

  • Paper bags with personalized messages on them

These paper bags with catchy personalized messages are also in great demand. Designs on these bags are purposely kept simple with short catchy messages so that the audience is not overwhelmed with too many words.

  • Paper bags with green or eco-friendly messages

Paper bags are being any way preferred more than plastic bags for various reasons. Today, paper bags with green or environmentally friendly messages are in great demand. They are extremely popular with people of all age groups and from different walks of life.

  • Paper bags with cartoon designs printed on them

Kids simply love these printed paper bags with their favorite cartoon characters printed on them. For instance, paper bags with pictures of angry birds are in great demand from the little ones.

  • Happy Birthday paper bags

These themed paper bags are a perfect choice for packing goodies or returning gifts on birthdays. They are embossed with birthday themes such as balloons, birthday cakes, birthday candles, and so on.

Paper bags are being increasingly used in different spheres of life for a multitude of benefits. They also have a consistent look and are eye-catching.