Give Your IT CV a Health Check

If you are an IT contractor, you will already know how important a good CV is when it comes to finding work. You are likely to have to look for work every few years as you move from project to project. So you probably already know how important it is to review your CV and freshen it up before looking for work.

However, even if you regularly look for work you could be missing a few tricks, especially if you have been working in the industry for a decade or so. Here we will take a quick look at what they are to help you to make the most of your CV and increase the chances of your quickly finding work.

Take Advantage of Free CV Checks

With a resume or CV, another pair of eyes and point of view is always useful. We all have a tendency to see things in our own way and express ourselves in a certain way. To us our CV reads well and makes perfect sense, whereas to someone else it may seem wordy, difficult to read and not relevant. For this reason, it is well worth asking a colleague to read your CV.

Some job boards will even review your CV for you. If you see this offer take advantage of it, but try to make sure that, it is an IT job board rather than a general job board that carries out the review. That way the person doing the review is far more likely to understand the jargon and give relevant feedback.

Tailor Your CV to Every Job

Another common mistake IT job seekers make is not tailoring their CV to make it relevant to the job they are actually applying for. They update their CV with details of their latest project. In every CV you should emphasis the work you have done that is relevant to the specific role you are applying for, which means changing it slightly for every application.

Upload Your CV to IT Job Board Databases

Another easy step that many IT job seekers are not taking is uploading their CV to online job databases. Those who do not take the time to do so are missing opportunities. This is because firms are increasingly choosing to search job board databases rather than actually advertise their vacancies.



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