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How modern technology can improve your house selling experience

As estate agents in the UK aim to give a far greater service to their vendors, many of them are starting to embrace new technologies. Allowing communications to be improved and provide a better experience, from agreeing the terms to the exchange of contracts, there are many benefits for house sellers.

One advance that is proving popular with vendors and local estate agents alike are interactive online tracking systems. As the name suggests, these allow sellers to track the progress of a property from it first being listed on the market to completion of the sale. Such tools are extremely useful for busy sellers and certainly a great way to keep up to date without relying on text messages, phone calls and emails between agent and customer. One group who can benefit from such a service are those sellers based overseas, which is partly behind the reason why pioneers of this system are often owners of high-end properties in city centres.

Secure access provides sellers with relevant details instantly and is proving to be a welcome addition to the whole service provided. It also allows for a greater understanding of the house selling process, which can be confusing at times. As we know at, the best estate agents have always tried to explain the inner workings to their customers, but having something visual to reference can help make everything much clearer. It is in improving communications that technology really excels however, with most vendors frustrated by missed and unreturned phone calls and unanswered emails.

The property market and how it conducts itself has changed immeasurably over the last decade and this is something we hope will continue. What has not changed is the presence of good and bad agents, no matter how advanced they appear on the surface, which is why research and recommendations are so important.

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