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How To Ensure Your Cat Is Safe At Home?

Your cat’s safety and happiness are entirely dependent on what kind of environment and lifestyle you provide. Firstly, you should have all the cat-related equipment and facilities if your cat prefers to stay indoors. The nature of kids and cats are similar; they are curious about every single thing. As a cat parent, it’s your responsibility to offer a safe and healthy environment for your pet to stay happy and friendly.

Whether you are new to cats experienced, you need to be particular about your family members and pets’ safety. WAIT, here your cat flap installation is not enough; you need to take some extra precautions.

Therefore, below we’re mentioning some basic yet useful tips to keep your cat away from all the dangers indoors.

Keep Your Cute Little Kitty Away From Wild Plants

Cats are fond of chewing curtains, doors mat, plants, and anything that they get. Everything that they chew is not safe for them. Common flowering plants like lilies are unsafe for your cats. Consider them as highly poisonous and deadly for cats. Even harmless plants can lead to stomach upset and vomiting.

Such plants are often hanging in the garden or near the entrance, and it’s easy for cats to jump on them. You need to beware of these plants and place them somewhere near the entrance. If your kitty is fond of cats, buy the cat grass from the pet store.

Installation Of Cat Flaps

When it comes to your cat’s safety, the biggest challenge is protecting your cat indoors. If your cat is having access to an outdoor area, cat flaps are essential. But, here, the primary concern is how you set up the cat flaps in the personal space. 

Hence, it would be best if you were more particular about the cat flap installation process. The best part is the cat flaps will keep your cat away from the danger zone. One more thing you should remember, try to keep all the necessary resources within the flaps. 

Keep Fragile Things Away From Your Kitty

Cats are always fond of climbing on the curtains, tables, kitchen, and other furniture pieces. Whether you have cats or dogs, there is no point keeping fragile items near your pets. You are actually inviting them to break the fragile items and put everyone in danger.

The broken glass items are sharp for your toddlers and even the little paws of your pet. Imagine if your baby or pets chew these sharp obstacles, deathbeds will be ready in your house.

Now, you know how your pets can get in danger and ways to protect them. As long as you follow the tips mentioned above, keep an eye over your cat, don’t overlook the primary needs, and the cat will become your best friend. 

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