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Yoga guru heads to Peterborough

People who love getting into their yoga wear and taking part in classes may be interested to note that one of the world’s leading experts is travelling to Peterborough this month to train yoga instructors.

Ana Forrest, who hails from the US, is taking part in a new programme that is a first for Europe, the Peterborough Evening Telegraph reports.

Individuals are due to travel from Finland, Sweden, South Africa and Malaysia to attend the sessions, which will take place at the Equilibrium Yoga centre. The classes will focus on Forrest Yoga, which uses the traditional eastern practice to help solve a range of health problems, including neck and back pain.

Commenting on the discipline, Sandra Heider from Equilibrium Yoga said: “This form of yoga is suitable for everyone. It focuses on things like lower back pain, which can be caused by sitting for long periods of time. It is great for everyone who wants wellbeing in their lives and wants to get rid of stress.

“At the moment I run eight classes and have up to 22 people taking part in each one, and it is growing all the time.”

She added that it is “exciting” that Ms Forrest is heading to Peterborough, describing her has being on the “A list” in the world of yoga.

Meanwhile, during the period of teacher training, Peterborough residents will have the chance to slip into their yoga wear and get stuck into a number of sessions with Ms Forrest and the trainee instructors.

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