Who Can Claim Back PPI?

Anyone who has taken out a loan, credit card, vehicle finance, mortgage or any other form of finance product may have been mis-sold a PPI policy. In the past 10 years or so, an estimated £10 billion of Personal Protection Insurance has been sold to people who either did not need it or could not claim from the policies that were sold to them. Some people did not even know that they were paying for this insurance.

If you have bought a financial product or form of credit, it is worth checking to see if you were sold PPI to go with it. You can look at the original paperwork or, if you do not have it, contact the lender or financial provider.

Once you have established that you have been sold PPI. You can begin the process of working out whether you have been mis-sold that policy.

If you were not aged 18-65 when the policy was sold to you, that policy was sold to you illegally. The same is true if you were working less than 16 hours a week, were self-employed or working on a temporary contract when the policy was sold to you.

If you were already ill when sold the policy, or the conditions not covered by PPI, such as backache or stress, were not explained to you the policy was mis-sold to you.

There about a dozen reasons why you may qualify to claim back what you have paid out in PPI insurance premiums. In most cases, you can claim for lost interest as well as what you paid out in premiums.

Getting Help to Claim Back PPI

The government advice people to claim for any PPI that they have been mis-sold, and thousands have already done so. Some have submitted and chased up the claim themselves. However, most people have made their claim with the help of a company who specialises in claiming back PPI.

This approach is far easier than making a claim yourself. Because these companies deal with literally thousands of claims every year they know how to ensure claims are successful and the maximum amount possible is claimed back.


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