Lighting Design in the Home

Today, light plays a huge part in how attractive any home is. Even just a few years back, the ability to create extremely attractive homes with just light was fairly limited and the most impressive homes often utilised physical items rather than cleverly plotted lighting schemes. Today, however, even the most seemingly ordinary home can be totally transformed once the sun goes down with just the right attention to home lighting.

However, before you look at making the most of light fittings, make sure you are making the most of natural light. Simply altering the amount of natural light you allow into your home can help transform any ordinary interior even in the day, and it is not just knowing what types of windows let in the most light that is important, but also knowing where to place those on your own home to make the most of the light your house receives.

Once you have made the most of natural light, home lighting should be all about subtleties. Accent lighting is the most important type of lighting for improving the look of your home, making the most of interesting items or creating a whole new feel in any room.

However, it is also wise to consider which other areas can help with lighting. For example, ceiling fans can be fitted with lights to not only save you money but also to kill two birds with one stone. By using the likes of ceiling fans with built in lights you can save space and ensure that your home isn’t cluttered with multiple items.

Finally, be sure that you don’t choose generic lighting options. Make sure each fitting you choose suits the style of the home, the room it will be in and the atmosphere you wish to create. Lighting alone, when done right, can totally transform your house into whatever you want it to be.

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