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Why Data Analysis is Important for Your Company

Most firms hold a huge amount of data. They hold data about employees, customers, production and many, many other things. However, a surprising number of them do not realise that this data, and how they use it, is vital to success. Yes, of course they understand the power of their accounts database to help them to understand which products are profitable and which are not. However, they rarely look at their marketing data in the same light.

Good quality marketing data that is well managed can help you to grow your business quickly. Using it you can see not only who to send your mail shots and e-mail marketing materials to, you can also see who is actually buying from you. More importantly, you can see exactly what they are buying, which marketing materials they are responding positively to and when they are buying. Analysing data in this way helps you to put together far more targeted and therefore effective marketing campaigns. By doing so you will sell more and will also spend less on marketing.

However, managing data is not an easy task. Therefore, increasingly firms are turning to outside data management specialists to help them with this task.

Data Analysis From The Data Octopus

Many are choosing data analysis from The Data Octopus. They are doing so because the company offers extremely good quality data management services. In addition, they also provide excellent marketing data. This is in the form of up-to-date contact details for literally millions of firms across dozens of sectors. Using this data enables firms to target their marketing and to grow their customer base.

Importantly, data analysis from The Data Octopus is tailored to meet the needs of each individual client. This means that the service they offer is suitable for any size or type of business. The team takes the view that if their data services bring you money you will return to them again and again. Therefore, unlike some other data management firms the services they offer represent great value for money. If your business grows so does theirs, therefore it is in their interests to help you as much as they possibly can.

Let The Data Octopus analysis your marketing lists to make them more targeted and productive. We can save you money on marketing, so why not visit us at