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B2B Mailing Lists from the Data Octopus

In the current economic climate, every penny counts. Businesses simply cannot afford to waste any of their marketing budgets. Therefore, there is an increasing amount of interest is being shown in b2b mailing lists from The Data Octopus.

How B2B Mailing Lists from the Data Octopus Help Businesses

There are several reasons for this. However, to understand what they are you first have to understand exactly what a B2B mailing list is.

B2B stands for business to business therefore, a B2B mailing list is effectively a marketing list you use to market products to businesses. In its simplest form it is a list of companies who you try to market products to and their contact details.

However, to be effective a B2B list has to actually contain far more than a simple list of contact details. Rather, it needs to contain leads as well. If a client has expressed an interest in or bought a product in the past, you need to flag this fact in some way within your B2B database. So that when you have a special offer relating to that product, you know to send marketing to that particular firm telling them about the special offer. This approach ensures that you do not miss any sales opportunities and that you are effectively pushing against an open door. Managing your P2P database can save you an awful lot of money as well as grow sales for your company.

However, it is very easy for these lists to become untidy and almost unusable. In addition, because of the way most businesses organise their database it becomes very difficult to pull out relevant data. This means that you can easily miss marketing leads simply because pulling the data out of the database is too time-consuming or too hit and miss.

The Data Octopus specialises in managing data. In particular, marketing related lists. They help firms to set up easy-to-use information gathering processes so they can put together effective marketing databases. They also cleanse these databases of duplicate information or out of date information and help firms to understand how to pull valuable marketing information from them.


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