If you are thinking of replacing your flooring, it is well worth considering installing a wooden floor. There are many advantages to installing a wooden floor, and here we take a look at some of them.

The Look of Wood

There really is nothing like wood. A wooden floor brings light and life to a room. It is rich, interesting and stunning to look at. The nice thing about wood is that it keeps its looks. Of course, in areas of heavy traffic, there will be signs of wear, but you can easily restore wood just by sanding it down and re-staining it.

The Versatility of Wood

Wood is an extremely versatile material it fits in well with practically any style of decor. The fact that wood comes in many different colours, tones and shades means it blends in well. If you cannot find the exact shade, you are after you can stain or varnish your wooden floor to achieve the look you are after. With a natural wood floor, you have the option of sanding it down and either waxing it to show off the natural colour of the wood, or staining it a different colour.

There are many other advantages to owning a wooden floor. Underfoot it is comfortable, not too cold in the winter, or too hot in the summer. It is extremely easy to keep a wooden floor clean; you just sweep it and mop it over when necessary. If your home is a busy one, every ten years, or so, you may want to re-stain or re-wax your floor.

Perhaps the nicest thing about wood is its affordability. Even on a tight budget, you can afford a wooden floor. There are some great cheap flooring products available. Most of these are laminates, but they look just as good as a solid wood floor, despite being a fraction of the price. If you really want a solid wood floor, you can even find these at an affordable price. However, your choice of colour and tone will be more limited than if you went for a laminated wood floor.



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