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What exactly is a Tree Preservation Order?

A Tree Preservation Order, or TPO, is an order which can be made at any time by local authorities in order to protect and preserve a tree which is deemed to be of significant importance for whatever reason. A Tree Preservation Order can be made on one tree, or a group of trees in a woodland or orchard. If a tree is at risk of damage or destruction from development, for example, then a Tree Preservation Order can be made and this would make it illegal for the tree to be felled or modified I any way, without further consultation. This means that trees which have something special to offer can be protected and conserved for future generations to enjoy.

A TPO is something which can be issued whenever a tree is in threat. It not only stops important trees from being felled but it can also put a ban on the tree being topped, moved or modified in any way which the local authorities deem to be inappropriate or distasteful. This means that anyone who buys land which has trees growing on it, could be subject to a TPO at any time and they may not be able to carry out work they would like to, if it impinges on a protected tree.

Local people often become very attached to the trees in their area and they often come out in force to stop special trees from being torn down in development, so landowners should always take this in to consideration before making plans.

Tree Survey

If you are looking to develop land which has trees in the vicinity, then it is a good idea to carry out a tree survey which will tell you everything you need to know about the tree on your property. This will allow you to fight your corner should the threat of a TPO be made. It will also show the local authority that you are willing to negotiate and that you have taken the trees on your property into consideration at every stage of planning.

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