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Using HR software to increase productivity

In the services sector it can seem very difficult to increase your company’s productivity. It is not like in the manufacturing industry, where you could try to tweak your assembly line to improve efficiency. In the services sector, it is all about your employees and trying to get your staff to improve their productivity, which is no easy task when your staff will no doubt already feel that they are working at maximum capacity in today’s tough economic climate.

However, with HR software tools, it is possible to improve the productivity of your business and also give yourself the ability to measure its success based on the productivity of your employees. For instance, HR software such as time and attendance software will give you the ability to measure accurately the number of hours that you are paying your staff for. There may be an agreed number of hours for a shift, but with absenteeism and lateness, you could be paying staff for doing less than agreed. With a software system that can monitor this, you can make sure your employees are only paid for the work that they do, and improve efficiency as you get more productivity for the hours that you pay out for.

Another way that HR software can help improve the productivity of your business is by managing some of the core tasks of your company that are very admin heavy. Obviously, managing payroll and employee holidays, along with meeting certain regulations in terms of staff, is essential to your business. However, these activities can all consume your employees’ time, when there is software out there that can steam-line these tasks and maintain efficiency within your company.

At NorthgateArinso, we can demonstrate the effectiveness of HR software in terms of increasing productivity in a company, allowing you to focus your efforts on growing the business rather than administrative tasks.

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