What are various types of contact lenses?

Eyes are the unrivalled gifts of the Almighty who has been kind enough to facilitate the same to the living beings. As regards the humans, many unfortunate ones suffer from low vision that compels them to go in for the contact lenses that enable them to see clearly and comfortably without affecting the eyes in any adverse manner.

It is worth mentioning here that one should purchase the contact lenses as per his or her specific requirements after consultation with the optician or the eye specialists who are equipped with the professional knowledge about the contacts. They check the patient’s eyes; advise them to procure the suitable contacts that match the eyes appropriately. You can buy contact lenses by opting for contact lenses cheap, online contact lenses or the contact lenses online uk.

The Computerized Corneal

Topography System, the latest know-how has become popular amongst the patients and the eye surgeons as it facilitates measurement and description of the particular statistical curving and outline of the cornea. There is the keratometer and autorefractor that help in getting the accurate figures in respect of the cornea. These two modern tools are much effective in determining the exact contact lenses that suit the eyes of the patients.

The contacts may be divided into four categories that depend upon the following aspects –

Material – Stiff (shaped supple synthetic) or supple (like cellophane).

Schedule of wearing – Daily or Overnight Wear (known as Extended Wear too).

Durability – The contact lenses may work well for one day a fortnight, one to six months or up to two years even. You can obtain the same as per your choice.

Modality of correction – Bifocal, Astigmatic, Toric or the Spherical contact lenses.

The major contact lenses available in the market are disposable or daily disposable contact lenses, toric lenses, multifocal contact lenses, contact lenses for astigmatism, gas permeable contact lenses, stylish cosmetic contacts, coloured prescription contact lenses or the stylish bifocal contact lenses.

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