Sell online for free and boost your disposable income

Sell online for free, and you receive the full value of the goods you list – unlike some auction sites which charge inclusion fees and may take a percentage of your sale price.

Real-world auction houses also charge a commission on most items, but online swap shops may not, making them one of the only places where you can genuinely sell online for free, without the fear of hidden charges.

In recent years, the economy has been less than favourable for many people’s household incomes, and particularly for their real-terms disposable income.

High inflation has driven the cost of living up on essential food and other items, while a turbulent employment market has meant many people have seen little to no pay increase in that same period.

But many households still need to replace broken items of furniture, or simply want to refresh their interiors because they cannot afford to move house.

Sell online for free, and you can offer your unwanted items at a price that people can afford to pay – making for a win-win scenario when compared with the cost your buyer would face if they purchased a similar item from new.

Of course, it’s not all about helping people, and you may equally find that you can help your own finances when you sell online for free.

If you’re among the people who didn’t save during more prosperous times, then you may still have unwittingly put your money into items that can now be sold to unlock their value.

List any unwanted items or frivolous purchases on online swap shops, and you may be able to turn them back into cash, which can then be put into your savings or used to cover essential outgoings.

Ultimately, when you sell online for free, you’re receiving additional income without having to spend anything on inclusion fees – and you can get rid of a few unwanted items in the process.

Buy Swap Sell is unlike other websites that charge you to list and sell your products online – with Buy Swap Sell there is no charge.

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