Was it down to careless driving or other circumstances?

Significant penalties can be awarded for drivers that have been charged with careless driving motoring offences. Between three to nine points can be awarded to your driving licence and a maximum fine of £2,500 could also be given to anyone found guilty of careless driving. Unfortunately, the penalties don’t end there – you could also expect to get a driving ban, which could have a serious impact on your life.

Careless driving offences are most often charged in situations where a road traffic accident has taken place and the police believe that one or all parties were found to be driving without the appropriate care and attention required. The prosecuting team will aim to prove that your driving was below the standard expected in a considerate and careful driver. They will aim to prove that due to your lack of care and attention you inconvenienced and put other road users and drivers at risk.

If you are charged with driving with undue care and attention then you may think that this type of offence is a cut and dry case for the prosecution. However, if there has only been one breach of the Highway Code then there are not adequate grounds for a conviction. It can also be a challenge to prove a breach in the code took place, as an accident can happen within seconds and adequate evidence may not be available.

The prosecution may argue that the accident itself is enough evidence that the driver was not driving with appropriate care. However, using motoring solicitors you could present a successful case that shows otherwise. There may have been a defect in the vehicle that affected the performance suddenly or extreme weather conditions could have led to the accident.

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