UIA House Contents Insurance

There are many elements of your home and its contents that you should consider insuring to protect you against financial loss and the potential problems associated with damage to your property. House insurance or buildings insurance protects the home itself as well as outbuildings and even fences and walls while UIA house contents insurance is an affordable means of protecting the items within your home; your personal possessions and belongings.


UIA house contents insurance can be included with your buildings insurance in order to give you complete protection against any possible damage to your home and what’s inside. This means that you can enjoy total peace of mind and complete protection from anything including fire and flood damage to your property. If you need to make repairs to your home then these are covered by your buildings insurance while your UIA house contents insurance protects what is inside your property.


In fact, with UIA house contents insurance, it isn’t necessarily just the items inside your home that are protected. You can also enjoy protection for contents while they are in the garden and you receive public liability coverage up to the value of £5m. This can prove especially useful if somebody hurts themselves while on your property as it will not only cover medical and legal expenses but it will also cover any compensation payment that may be due as a result of the accident.


If you rent a property then you won’t need to pay for buildings insurance but you should still pay for house contents insurance. This will protect your belongings while in the property and while your landlord will protect the building they will not take out insurance to cover your personal belongings. Without this insurance you are liable for any damage that occurs to your belongings and property.


UAI house contents insurance can be taken as a separate policy or it can be combined with buildings insurance and even with home emergency cover in order to give you complete protection against any eventuality that may occur in your home. Contents insurance can prove beneficial for homeowners and for tenants.


UIA house contents insurance is a beneficial policy that is designed for both homeowners and tenants. Contact us today for competitive prices on tailored insurance policies.