Could sleeping it off in the car prove costly?

Most people would be shocked to find that simply choosing to sleep off the influences of alcohol in a car could be deemed one of the many drink related traffic offences. Many would believe that choosing to go to sleep in their vehicle rather than attempting to drive the car home is the right choice. However, if the police find you in a car over the limit with the keys to that vehicle on your person, you could be charged with drink driving motoring offences.

This is known as being ‘drunk in charge of a vehicle’ and can lead to severe penalties including the loss of your driving licence and a maximum of 10 points on your driving licence. A motoring lawyer is best placed to advise you on this form of driving offence so that the most lenient penalty possible is achieved.

There are many drink driving defences possible but in essence the motoring lawyer would look to convince the court that there was absolutely no intention to drive until the amount of alcohol in your system had reduced to the legal limit. This would involve the presentation of a pharmacologist report that shows how long it would take for the alcohol in the system to reduce to acceptable levels in the body.

What do breath readings mean?
You may wonder what the limit for alcohol in the blood is. For every 100 millilitres of breath you are allowed a maximum of 35 milligrams of alcohol. Anything higher and you will be above the limit. If you have less than 50 milligrams of alcohol then a blood or urine test can be requested to prove conclusively that the breath reading is correct. Once this is carried out, if a reading of above 80 milligrams per breath is recorded then severe penalties can be expected.

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