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Voltage Optimisation For Saving Energy

Every piece of electrical equipment has an optimum voltage requirement and while machinery can operate at different voltages, doing so can lead to wasted energy consumption, increased emissions, and greater degradation of the equipment itself. There are a number of reasons that supplied voltage may differ from optimal voltage but there are also a number of ways in which this imbalance can be redressed. Voltage optimisation for saving energy can help to reduce energy spend and emissions while improving the performance and stability of equipment and machinery.


The voltage requirements of every piece of machinery should be considered. European machinery and UK machinery have different requirements. Whether a building has older UK machinery installed or it relies on European machinery, it is possible that this machinery has different power requirements to the voltage that is actually being supplied by the mains power source.


Generally, in these cases, machinery is installed that requires less voltage than is being provided. When this occurs, the additional energy is being wasted. It is still being delivered but it is not being used for any purpose. Therefore, managing voltage can reduce this energy wastage which not only means financial savings in the shape of reduced energy bills but can also lead to lower emissions.


If too much voltage is being delivered to plant machinery then it is likely that any emissions produced will be increased. By controlling the voltage and ensuring that only the optimal voltage requirement is delivered, it is possible to ensure that emission levels, too, are decreased. This can help plants and manufacturers meet emission regulations and standards and can help businesses to reduce their carbon footprint in the process.


Machinery is designed to be run with a specific voltage supply. When too much or too little is delivered, it means that the machinery will have to work harder to compensate or to use the unnecessary power. As such, mismatched supply and machinery requirements can lead to greater degradation of the machinery that is installed. Degraded equipment costs more to run and will usually require repairs or replacements sooner. Another way in which voltage optimisation can save businesses money.

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