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Get the Kids Active with an Adventure Playground

Recent studies have shown that only a small number of children regularly play outdoors and even fewer take regular exercise. This is very worrying because there is already and obesity epidemic looming and if these children do not start to lead more active lives, their health could suffer dramatically.

It is down to us all to help these children lead more active lives which will enable them to grow into healthy and happy adults in the years to come and this means providing them with areas where they can play and exercise safely. The adventure playground is one such place which gives children the chance to run around freely.

Adventure Playgrounds

If you ever visited an adventure playground as a child, you will probably remember just how exciting they could be. You would probably have spent hours there running around, climbing and having fun with your friends and our children today deserve to have the same experiences.


Adventure playgrounds are great places for fuelling the imagination of children. The see-saw becomes a sailing boat on turbulent sees, the climbing frame a beanstalk and the swings a plane. With so much to do at the adventure playground, there is little chance that children will get bored, and this means that they will be running around staying active, rather than sitting glued to a TV or computer screen where they will not be getting any exercise.


Children need adventure in their lives. They need to be able to explore and encounter risk in order to grow into smart, sensible human beings with the ability to look after themselves and keeping them indoors is not going to achieve this.

More local authorities need to think about setting up an adventure playground in their communities if they are going to encourage children out of their homes and into the community where they can connect with others, improve their help and grow into well rounded human beings and more parents need to be prepared to let their children have a little more freedom and the chance to have adventures like they did when they were kids at their local adventure playground.


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