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Uses For The Printed Lanyard

A printed lanyard is a customised and functional item that can be tailored to meet the needs of any business. A logo and company name can be printed or even woven into the fabric of the lanyard and these can then be worn by employees, guests, visitors, and attendees in order to easily and conveniently display ID badges. They have the beneficial side effect of also working as an effective means of promoting your corporate brand too.


There are many occasions when a lanyard may be considered an essential addition. They may be worn on business premises, not only by staff but by guests and visitors too. They may be handed out at events and gigs to attendees with specific privileges or they can be worn by people visiting houses and other venues, or even on the streets, as a means of showing credentials and identification and helping to put minds at ease.


Company security is important and if your business employs a lot of staff then keeping track of who should and who should not be on the premises can prove difficult. Security badges and identification badges certainly provide the your business with a means to be able to verify the identity of anybody on the premises but unless these are displayed permanently they can prove ineffective. Lanyards enable wearers to display identification on a permanent basis conveniently and comfortably.


Lanyards may also be worn by visitors and guests and not only does this help improve security levels but it can improve branding too. Having a corporate logo and business name included on the customised lanyard means that wearers will be more inclined to remember the company name and your logo will spring to mind sooner when they have worn and used your lanyards for a period of time.


Exhibitions, trade shows, and other events often require the wearing of security badges and they are accompanied by branded lanyards. This not only ensures security but it provides visitors with useful information. Branded items like this can be worn to show visitors and even customers who to approach if they need help.


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