Tradeskills4u Emphasise the Need to be Safe to Their Students

The team at Tradeskills4U work hard to ensure that all of their students pass their courses. They also work hard to make sure that their students succeed once they qualify and leave them.

Part of this is ensuring that their students stay safe once they actually begin work on construction sites. For this reason, there is a lot of emphasis put on health and safety.

Tradeskills4U Courses

Most of the courses on offer from Tradeskills4U are City & Guilds courses. They are courses that already contain a lot of information about health & safety.

Construction sites are potentially very dangerous places. They have become safer, especially since the introduction of Part P. In 2011, deaths had dropped to a point where only 52 workers died on building sites. This is still far too high, but much better than in the at the start of the century when the figures were in their hundreds. This change is in a large part due to the fact that everyone on a building site is now trained in health and safety and everyone has a legal obligation to take action if they see something unsafe on a site they are working on.

The government has overhauled health and safety regulations to simply things. In some areas, they have been able to do so without any trouble. However, the building regulations that cover electrics have been unchanged, because they are so important.

Detailed figures about deaths on UK building sites are hard to find. However in America, over 11 years 1715 construction workers died. Of these 34% of them were electricians. This clearly demonstrates just how dangerous working with electrics can be. 92% of the electricians killed were killed by overhead power lines, equipment or faulty electrical wiring. Alarmingly 80% of the other construction workers killed also died as a result of accidents with electricity. The vast majority of these accidents involved overhead power lines. This is even more evidence of just how careful you have to be when working with electric.

Tradeskills4U Adapt Their Courses

With these facts in mind, the team at Tradeskills4U put a great deal of emphasis on health & safety. They are aware that many of their students are just starting out in the industry and will later employ others. By ensuring, they have a proper health and safety education the team know they are doing their part to improve construction site safety overall.

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