Health and safety e-elearning is the flexible solution

Every employer has a responsibility to workers to ensure they can carry out their job in a safe environment. It’s a legal duty and a moral one too. The statistics point to workplaces that can still do better. Zero harm is achievable if companies put their minds to it.

Education and training form a big part of any organisation’s safety drive and policies. Workers need to understand how to work safely and not jeopardise themselves or others around them. Good practice will lead to fewer accidents, reduced absence and more productive working. Good safety is also good business.

The modern workforce is mobile and dispersed. Many organisations now operate on a truly global scale. Organising classroom training is now harder than ever. It’s expensive and impractical in many cases. Health and safety e-learning is an increasingly popular option. Workers can access materials at a time to suit them, work through them at their own pace and spend less time away from their main job function. No wonder then that online health and safety training is increasingly the standard approach to delivery.

Health and safety e-learning isn’t a compromise. In many ways it helps the drive towards safer working. Completion rates are higher and organisations are able to track who has completed and understood the courses on offer. This is much harder with classroom training.

Online health and safety training gets the message across to time poor workers who can’t away from their desk and their main role very often. They can break training up into manageable chunks and slot it in around their working week. They appreciate this flexibility. It’s far less disruptive when compared with traditional solutions and helps to get them on side with safety initiatives. It all helps to create a safer, healthier and happier workplace.

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