The Toyota Prius

The latest Toyota Prius packs a range of innovative technologies as well as increased power under its environmentally friendly bonnet. For the most part you won’t be aware that you’re even driving hybrid except that you won’t be paying regular visits to fill up and you will hear barely a whisper when the car is running in full electric mode. It is easy to drive around town and surprisingly nippy, thanks to the increase in power, when you need it to be.


Generally, people buy the Prius for its green credentials. It has some of the lowest CO2 emission figures on the market and also offers approximately 75mpg thanks to its hybrid engine. Not only does this mean that you will be saving money at the petrol pump and reducing the number of times you need to fill up, as a tank will take you around 750 miles, but it also means that you pay no road tax and you don’t have to pay the London congestion charge either.


The Yaris offers decent room inside so you can enjoy plenty of leg room in front and rear. There is also a decent amount of room in the boot. Inside the Yaris cabin most people will appreciate the futuristic look of the dashboard and the touch screen trip computer is very useful indeed.


Once the engine starts you begin to appreciate the real benefits of buying a Prius though. The car will run solely on the electric motor over a limited distance but, if you apply a little more pressure to the accelerator, the petrol engine will kick in. The car will make this transition from electric to petrol on numerous occasions as you drive and you will barely notice as the change happens. The engine and motor combined give a total of 134bhp and you can get to 62mph in just over 10 seconds.


The Toyota Prius is quite heavy, as you would expect with the additional weight of the electric motor and batteries, but it compensates for this with good handling and a number of great features. If you want to leave less of an impression on the environment and at the fuel pump then the Prius is the perfect choice for you.


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