Ugg Australia

Ugg Australia as the name suggests makes and sells the famous sheepskin boots. When you see this brand name used in Europe, the US and most other countries. It is one of the companies owned and run by the Deckers Outdoor Corporation, which was founded in 1973 by Doug Otto.

They have taken the original basic sheepskin boots and turned them into something a little different. Of course, they still sell the basic sheepskin boots, with the fleece on the inside and the finished sheepskin on the outside, complete with raised seams. This style of boot continues to sell well, but today’s consumers also want something a little different. Something this fashion footwear brand has been quick to respond to.

Modern Ugg Australia Footwear

Ugg Australia started the transformation process by tidying up the seams making them stand out less giving a smoother line to the boot. They changed the shape a little to make them look sleeker and have been producing them in vibrant colours that follow the trend of the moment, for some time now. This more modern look has given the original classic sheepskin boot a new street creed.

In addition, the company makes a range of classic sheepskin slippers that also sell well. They have also extended their children’s range. Kids are less bothered about looking ultra fashionable, and parents know that their children will stay warm in boots made out of pure sheepskin.

However, it is the company’s modern boots, which are really stealing the show. People love the warmth of sheepskin, but do not always like the look of it. Therefore, Ugg Australia now makes a range of high-quality leather boots that they line with sheep or lamb’s wool. With these boots, customers can enjoy the warm and comfort of wool and the stylishness of leather.

Where to Find Ugg Australia Products

The entire Ugg Australia range is available on the web via their website. If, however, you want to see them and try them on before you buy you can do so. The firm uses major department stores and retailers like Kurt Geiger, Office and Shoe Studio to retail their product. They also have their own stores, but there are not many and they are only located in major cities.

Visit the Ugg Australia website to view our full range and buy some beautiful footwear.