The Psychological Benefits of Companionship

Those who have regular companionship have been proven to live longer, feel more settled and generally live happier lives. However, there is a huge range of potential companions for us all and from dogs to close friends, it is not just being married that will help one stay happy, healthy and content.

In many ways monogamy is not our natural instinct. In many respects we have used it to just set up boundaries for ourselves to help us more effectively raise offspring and further our species. However, our natural instincts tell us differently and therefore whilst getting married can work for many, for others, long-term companionship can be as damaging as none at all.

Therefore, it is important to find the companionship that works for you. For some, this will involve getting a pet, whilst those who crave human companionship might benefit from using a London escort agency to find companionship and intimacy, and others still may simply be happy with their friends.

Feeling lonely can be extremely hard for many people. Not only can it have an effect on mental health, but also on physical health, and as we get older the need for companionship increases. Meeting people with the same interests will be important as will intimacy, but again this can be as simple as finding escorts in London.

In fact, in many ways, finding escorts in London can be even more beneficial. As wonderful as companionship is for us, long term partners can create stress, anxiety and simply deny you things you truly want. Using a London escort agency can allow you to find companions who will be there to make you as happy and fulfilled as possible at all times.

So whilst companionship is important, finding it will be different for each individual and it is important to find the route that is best for you rather than simply following the lead of others.

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