Man makes personal injury claim over leg injuries

A man has contacted personal injury lawyers in a bid to secure personal injury compensation for leg injuries he suffered in a fall.

Stephen Dinsdale was on a stag weekend at the Hotel Victoria in Newquay in 2010 when a lift he was in fell 30 metres, the BBC reports. The 44-year-old states that he and five friends became stuck in the lift, which is used to transport hotel guests to a small cove below the cliffs.

They were told that normally the device would be manually winched down to the ground floor, but instead it fell. Two other men received minor injuries and 85 emergency service workers were involved in rescuing the individuals from the lift.

Commenting on the accident, Mr Dinsdale said: “The whole experience was just terrifying. We were meant to be on a stag weekend having a great time but on the first day things just went drastically wrong.”

Two lifeboat crews were involved in the rescue because the incident happened shortly before high tide and the only access to the cove was via the sea.

Mr Dinsdale, who is a father-of-two, approached personal injury lawyers to take his claim for personal injury compensation forward. By putting legal cases like this in the hands of the experts, injury victims can help to ensure they benefit from the best possible results.

Meanwhile, the Hotel Victoria said it could not comment on the incident because the matter was being dealt with by its solicitors.

Although seeking compensation like this cannot undo the pain and suffering caused by accidents, it can help individuals to achieve a sense of justice and it can also cover any medical bills and lost earnings incurred as a result. It is no surprise therefore that many people opt to take action of this kind.

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