They say that employers have made up their mind about whether or not they are going to hire an individual after just a few seconds in their company. It seems that a huge amount can be gleaned about a person just by observing their mannerisms and by taking note of how they introduce themselves. Whilst part of this may be innate, the rest is learned through years of dealing with numerous different people and having certain presumptions proved right time and time again.

As such, taking the time to sort through CV after CV only to find that you have no interest in a candidate just moments after they sit down can make the whole interview process longer, more complicated and more expensive than it really needs to be. Unless you start requesting video resumes.

By asking candidates to supply a short video in which they talk about themselves and why they are suitable for the advertised position, not only will you get a more thorough and in-depth covering ‘letter’ but you will also be able to see instantly whether a candidate really is worth interviewing. As such, not only will you be more likely to avoid seeing individuals that clearly are not right for your business, but you may also find that an individual who you might have otherwise passed over suddenly becomes an appealing option for the role. In turn, the time spent interviewing applicants will be far better spent, and those attending far more likely to be right for a position within your company.

With so many CVs now being almost identical as individuals leave university with the same degrees and the same experience, CV videos are now extremely important in actually seeing what an individual is really like rather than going into an interview knowing only how they sound on paper.

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