Almost any business relies on upselling to increase profit margins and to ensure they make the most of the opportunities that each and every customer will present. However, aggressive upselling can put many people off and therefore trying to boost profits by pushing certain products can end up having an adverse effect and can ultimately see customers choosing not to return.

Therefore, the best way to upsell will be through gentle and subtle persuasion. In bars and restaurants, trying to push more expensive meals or drinks on to customers will not yield great results, but by utilising the right table menu holders and filling them with attractive and appealing promotional information, you may well find that a huge number of customers choose those ‘deals’ without your staff having to say a single word.

The more pressure you put on staff to upsell products, the less likely they are to focus on the truly important parts of customer service, namely being polite and interacting effortlessly with customers. As such, by choosing to buy innovative and attractive menu holders and ensuring that you pay out for the right menus and promotional literature, you will not only increase profit margins through individuals opting for more expensive options or the ‘deals’ you have on, but you will also find that customer’s have a far better experience in general and that staff don’t feel pressured into reaching targets or aggressively pushing certain products.

Vouchers and coupons are another great way to get the same result. By offering diners or drinkers coupons for a specific deal upon their return, not only will you see them choosing those offers you might have otherwise tried to push on them, but you will be actively giving them the perfect reason to return.

So when you wish to sell more drinks or bigger portions, the right menus, coupons and specials boards may well do all the hard work for you.


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