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The Importance of Water to Canine Health

It simply cannot be stressed enough just how important it is for responsible dog owners to ensure their pet gets plenty of fresh drinking water. In fact a dog’s body composition is actually 70% H2O, so it is vital importance that theyhave access to water at all hours of the day and night. Although canines can live even if they lose most of their fat and half of their protein; they will die if they lose just a tenth of their water composition.

Water is so invaluable to dogs because it carries out a wide range of vitally important tasks. Some of the most important of these are:

Organic transfer
Water carries nutrients to a canine’s cells and also transfers toxic waste products from cells to organs for suitable elimination. Without water, organs would not be able to get rid of their toxins and therefore would cease to function effectively.

Energy generation
Water enables canines to digest and absorb the nutrients which their bodies need to remain healthy. Furthermore, water is also used to burn the fuel which nutritional foods provide. This is what gives a canine his energy.

Chemical transformation
Water allows a canine’s body to mix a very wide range of different types of chemicals together as they dissolve and transform into different chemical reactions. This helps to ensure a healthy and efficient metabolism.

Maintaining a healthy temperature
Drinking water is essential for maintaining a dog’s normal body temperature as it replaces the fluids that are lost in the body during secretions.

Indeed, it is quite clear to see why water is considered to be the most important nutrient for all types of canines. Therefore, owners really must make sure that their pets’ water bowls are always full so that they can top up whenever they need to!

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