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Fitness Trainer Courses

Fitness trainer courses are proving to be very popular in the UK. Interest in fitness and sport in general has gradually grown over the past few years. People have caught the fitness bug, and are very interested in keeping fit.

In many cases, they know a great deal about fitness, exercise and nutrition. Much of what they have learnt has come from training with a personal trainer and what they have read on the web. In time, many of them are motivated to become involved in the fitness industry in one way or another. By far the easiest way into the industry is to become a professional trainer. As a result, they are signing up for a fitness trainer course.

Types of Fitness Trainer Courses

There are several different fitness trainer courses available in the UK. However, not all of them are accredited, or recognised by the fitness industry. As a result, if you are planning to sign up with one it is worth checking how highly a certificate from a particular provider is viewed.

The best courses are run by National Skills Academy (NSA) providers and are REPs recognised. The training materials they provide are of a high quality. Providers of these courses usually run gyms or fitness clubs themselves and have strong ties with others in the industry. This helps to ensure that the training they provide is relevant and that the qualifications they hand out are widely recognised within the industry.

How Fitness Trainer Courses are Delivered

Many people automatically assume that the majority of the training will take place within a gym or fitness centre environment. In reality, this is rarely the case. To become a fitness trainer you need a good understanding of anatomy and nutrition. In addition, because you have a duty of care towards your clients you also need to understand things like health and safety regulations and learn basic first aid. This means that a lot of fitness trainer courses include the use of online materials and manuals. There is a lot of bookwork required to get through the course and qualify to work as a fitness instructor.


CMS Fitness runs some of the best fitness trainer courses available. They are a NSA provider and the quality of their training is universally recognised within the fitness industry.